CANTON was founded in 2009, in the days following the transposition of the PSD in France, with the firm conviction that the payment services would be the next great and hot topic in services and technology. A professional magazine, “Nouvelles Dynamiques du Paiement” (NDP) ® was published twice a month, from 2008 to 2015: over 160 issues and 1,500 pages of this watch that became an essential monitoring tool for all payment services professionals, in France, at the start of SEPA.


As a consultancy, CANTON’s consulting services were initially designed to support the success of starting up Payment Service Providers
We have been counsel for may innovative payment services projects. CANTON has supported the creation of three of France’s leading payment institutions, in B2B, B2C and C2C, and has been involved in payment services projects and offerings in 8 major European countries.
CANTON also provides internal audit and compliance optimization services for several payment service providers.

Training naturally complements our consulting services. It is provided by practitioners who are involved in our team’s active monitoring activities, and who are immersed in practical, operational projects involving SEPA, the creation of new payment or e-money institutions, or the optimization of payment solutions. Our catalog offers a complete and coherent range of training courses on the various aspects of the payment business.

Research and engineering are strong components of the character of our company, which employs a large number of engineers and devotes a significant proportion of its activity to research and development, fulfilling the criteria of a young innovative company (JEI). Our research focuses in particular on the modeling of compliance rules and the management of databases enabling the research and analysis of legal rules applicable, over time, in the various countries of the EEA.
SINCE OCTOBER 1, 2014, CANTON has become a full member of W3C, and as such participates in several of its working groups, where the future of the Web is being shaped.

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